Soft Touch Pocket

Model F

Soft Touch Pocket

Soft Touch Pocket is a spring system consisting of individual open-ended springs welded into pockets of needle-felt. The springs are thinner towards the top. This means that the more a spring is depressed, the greater the spring resistance . In principle, the spring adjusts itself according to who is lying in bed. The many springs in the unique geometric design, and the springs’ tubular construction gives Soft Touch Pocket a unique springiness.

The needle-felt ensures that the product lasts for ages. It is extremely flexible, which, together with its great load-bearing capacity, means that it provides a great deal of support for the body and a high degree of point elasticity. Soft Touch pocket ensures that the body is supported where it needs to be.

Model R

LFK springs

The LFK springs are open-ended and cylindrical, and are bound together at both ends by a spiral wire. The spring structure and the great number of springs provide good support for the body. The open-ended springs, whose every coil is resilient, contribute to an overall and effective response, whatever the load.


The inner spring structure is partially flexible. It is doubly tempered, and is very durable.