Do you dream of a night of deep sleep, where you awake the next morning without feeling worn out, stiff and sore? Then our mattress solutions are guaranteed to be the right choice for you. 

Having the correct sleeping position is crucial for that lovely, deep sleep. Your spine must rest in a natural, comfortable position, and your body must be evenly supported throughout its entire length. Most of the mattresses on the market will force you to make compromises on both these points, so that you run the risk of waking up tired and stiff.

Don’t let your body do the work! If you sleep in a bed that’s too hard, it will be your body doing all the work – not the bed. Your shoulders and hips do not get to repose properly, but are pressed towards each other, resulting in a crooked, tensed spine. If the bed is too soft, your body will sink down into a hammock-like position, so that your hips and shoulders are pressed together, and your spine is crooked.

Sleeping with a crooked spine not only exerts great pressure on your joints, but also an intense, concentrated load on your pelvis. The lower vertebrae are merged where the spine meets the pelvis. This can also lead to pains in the lumbar region. On top of this, the muscles will tense the whole night long in an attempt to protect the spine, so that they do not get to relax properly.

Sleeping in a bed that does not yield to your body’s shape and provide even support, can cause pressure points that result in poor blood circulation. If the flow of blood and oxygen is restricted, numbness and pins and needles can result, so that the muscles do not get the chance to combat tiredness and stiffness. The body will spend the night tossing and turning in an attempt to get comfortable, and thus does not get the chance to fully relex.