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General Manager Trond Sunde

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Financial Director Per Gunnar Asbjørnsen


Creative Marketing Cordinator Cathrin Rønsen 

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As founder and product supervisor of Consept by Libitium, Trond Sunde is the third generation of his family in the foam plastic and mattress production business.

The whole thing started in 1951, when my grandfather Lauritz Sunde was shown a laboratory-manufactured foam called ‘Moltupren’ at a trade fair in Bavaria in Germany.  Four young chemical engineers had produced a small cube that they were showing off as a sample. Lauritz Sunde took a closer look at the sample, and decided there and then that this product had potential.

Back then, there were no machines to manufacture this new product. So Lauritz Sunde had to continuously work on the development of both the machinery and the foam plastic products. He had to perfect the various end products and formulate marketing strategies to document its beneficial areas of application. Today, this product provides the best sitting comfort and is the most popular upholstery worldwide.

Since I was a little boy, I’ve been incredibly fascinated by this product. During the past 25 years, I have been keenly interested in foam plastic – from various laboratory studies to the different foam-plastic end products.

The interest has been maintained, so to speak, from the days of playing games as a young boy until more recent years when the emphasis has switched to more professional aspects. Various combinations of the respective foam plastic groups can be used to produce different end products. When you then combine these products with various configurations of steel springs, you get a multitude of possibilities for product combinations.

For the past 15 years, I have been actively working on the bedroom theme and its functions. Exploiting this wealth of knowledge, the first seeds of which were sown in 1951, we try to be innovative as regards these functions.

We at Libitium AShave more than 25 years’ experience in furniture and mattress solutions. We aim to make your bedroom a more exciting and user-friendly place. At the same time, we in Consept by Libitium, have used the best raw materials to ensure that our products will have a very long life.  

We place great emphasis on your freedom of choice so that you can find the mattress that offers the greatest satisfaction, sleeping comfort, or sense of well-being that is right for you.